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Herbs vs. Synthetic Drugs

Why would a person choose to use an herbal medication over a synthetic medication?

All notes will be taken online using Imagine Easy Scholar.

Register for Imagine Easy Scholar

  • Go to iescholar.com/register.

  • Fill out the form to register. Do not use the Register with Google option!
    • Use your school email address (username@student.montvilleschools.org) and a password you will remember.
    • Include the coupon code: MontvilleHSStudent
    • Click Create My Account
  • You’ll be taken to the “Your Assignments” page to begin.
  • Click “Join Assignment.”
    • Enter assignment code: ibpr53eb

The assignment will show under “Current Assignments.” Open the assignment and read the assignment details.
Explore and familiarize yourself with the tools available in ieScholar (notebook, sources, and analytics) because we will be using this handy productivity tool to complete this project.


Imagine Easy Help Documents

Using the Annotation Tool

Citing Sources & Viewing Analytics

Using the Notebook

Creating an Outline

Citing from Explora in ieScholar

Exporting Works Cited Page


Elizabethan Webquest

Elizabethan Webquest

Background for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Life in Elizabethan Times
Read each section and answer each question as if you lived during Elizabethan times.

  1. Go to TrackStar:  http://trackstar.4teachers.org
  2. Enter track number 400595
  3. Select View in Frames box
  4. Read each section and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Worksheet: Elizabethan WebQuest 2016


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