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The Future is Wild!

The Future is Wild!

Technology and Information Objectives:

Students will draw evidence from informational texts to support research, accurately cite resources, and effectively use digital note cards in Imagine Easy Scholar to organize information.


You will use print sources and internet sources to research the past and present forms of an animal.

We will be using Imagine Easy Scholar to cite ALL sources and take notes.  You will create groups that contain matching characteristics from the past, present and future.

Sign Up for Imagine Easy Scholar:

Sign up for ieScholar Lehner

Sign up for ieScholar Hayes

Assignment Code Pierce: ljuz80lw

Tech Help Handouts: 

ieScholar Create groups and note cards for FIW

Imagine Easy Scholar Annotation Tool




Once you have exhausted the information found in the print sources, use these links to search for additional information on your animal.
Don’t forget to cite in ieScholar as you use resources!

Try searching for your animal by scientific name OR by the family or order when you are researching the past!

Great for any present day information you are missing.

Cavendish Square Digital  IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Especies Fact Sheets Tree of Life Classification
Animal Diversity Web Great Story Timelines ITIS

Check out The Future is Wild! for interesting future scenarios.

Use your Outline to form your paper.

Are you ready to submit?  Go to the assignment on Turnitin.

There are two assignments:   

your paper AND a Works Cited page (EXPORT Bibliography from ieScholar, Export to Download as Word Doc, Generate Bibliography)

Reminder: To cite images, Select Digital Image and include the following fields: Title (caption you create), URL (AND Say YES to display URL, and click on Today to fill in the date.


At the end of this project, please complete this survey so we can provide feedback to Imagine Easy Scholar.  Your feedback will help us to decide whether this is a tool we should purchase to help you with research.  Please be honest, and remember we want your opinion on ieScholar, NOT whether you want to cite your sources.

Please provide feedback on using ieScholar http://goo.gl/forms/ucqddbRu7M

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