Welcome to the Montville High School Library

Check us out!  We are open every day before and after school (until 4:00 Monday – Thursday and until 3:00 on Friday). 

You can do your homework, read a graphic novel, browse the internet or relax in a comfy chair.

The library is a busy place!  Check out our statslaugh

Need help remembering your logins?  

Download the Student Account Access 2019, complete and save in your home folder.

Freshmen Orientation

Answer each question as best you can, but do not worry if you don’t know an answer.  This is only a preassessment to see what you already know. 




Oh no!  I can’t login to Office 365! Pre-Assessment

If you cannot access the student shared folder, here is the form:

Student Account Access 2019 After you open it, you need to download it to your computer and open in Adobe Reader, not in Chrome to save.

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Google Classroom
Use your school computer username@montvilleschools.net
and your network user pw unless you have changed it.  Either way,
record it on
Student Account Access form for easy access if you forget it.


You set up this account.  We recommend you use your Office 365 email address and your Aspen password.


Ask us to look up your username and password.

Use your school username
and your network password
(the one you use to get onto the computers at school)
to login to Office365.




Explore Learning


Use your PowerSchool username
Password is your id (lunch) number

Gale Opposing Viewpoints
In Context

Password is oakdale