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Evaluating Sources

1. Log into EasyBib and create a new project.  Click on Bibliography and make sure you are in the new project before you start to research, cite and evaluate sources.

2. Open a new tab, and search for your topic using your preferred search engine.  Use a gut test to choose an article (you can use the article you found for homework if you have the URL).

3. Cite your article in EasyBib.  This will allow you to return to it easily later.

4. Use the EasyBib Website Evaluator tool (choose Website Evaluation from the dropdown menu under Essay Tools in EasyBib) to determine whether your source is credible.  Paste the URL in the search box and complete the form, answering each question carefully.  If you need to investigate anything, open in a new tab or you will lose your answers in the form.  

     a. For the final question when you are asked to Review the site, write 1-2 sentences justifying whether the source is credible or not credible.
     b. Print the completed form.
     c. Hand write the following information on the printed form and turn in to teacher
          i. Your name
          ii. Your topic
          iii. Title of the article

5. Search for your topic on Gale Opposing Viewpoints (Password: oakdale) 


     a. Notice the difference between the Viewpoints and articles.  Select an article to support your claim.
     b. To cite the article select Citation Tools from the Tools menu on the right and select the EasyBib option to send the citation to your project.
     c. Repeat the evaluation process in step 4 above to evaluate an article found in the database.

6. Read the articles online or print (double sided) using print icons available in the databases.  Printer A is located under the window, Printer B is located in the corner of the computer section.



If you have not completed the Freshmen Preassessment, do this today.

Answer each question as best you can, but do not worry if you don't know an answer.  This is only a preassessment to see what you already know. 




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