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Freshman Science Surveys

Complete the surveys by answering the questions as honestly as you can.

Take Mrs. Mathieu’s Survey

Take Mrs. Perry’s Survey

Energy Projects

Open new tabs for TrackStar http://trackstar.4teachers.org/trackstar

and EasyBib http://www.easybib.com/

Read, Think, and Take notes in your own words!

Track Name



Energy Resources

Hickey, Lehner, Mathieu & Zeppieri, Smith


Follow the directions at the top of each page in TrackStar.


To cite a book, make sure to select the Book tab.  Try using the ISBN barcode number or the title and author’s last name (ex: Coal Haugen).

To cite a website, make sure to select the Web tab.  Enter the URL from the webpage.  Be sure to check all the information and correct any errors (change to Title Case if in ALL CAPS, confirm and change titles if necessary) and select Yes where it asks Display URL.

To cite Cavendish Square Digital, select the CITE THIS button at the top of the page and copy the entire citation.  In Easy Bib, click on the Database tab, click on “Copy and Paste” link below the search box and paste the citation in the box.

To cite images,  go to the All 59 options tab and select Digital ImageBe sure to get the correct URL for the image, not the search URL. (Right click on image, Properties, URL) and match the caption from your presentation to the title of the picture (Image 1, Image 2, etc.).

Anthem Social Change Project

1. Login to EasyBib and create a new project for assignment.

If working in a group, be sure to share the project with your group members.

2. Login to Office 365 to create a document to compile your research.

3. Navigate to the library’s Research tab, click on the iConn link, and open Biography Reference Center.


4. Use advanced search options to research your historical figure in Biography Reference Center.  Take notes in an Office 365 document, and cite your source using the Export button.

5. Research a variety of resources, always evaluating for credibility and citing accurately.  Gather evidence to support your claim.

If you cannot remember how to login to any of the resources, open your Student Account Access form to get your login information.


Quick Links


Easy Bib





Star Assessment


Use your school username@student.montvilleschools.org
and the password you use to get onto the computers at school to login to Office365.

SAT  Practice Tests

Library of Congress 


Classroom Video On Demand

Comic Maker



Chogger Comic Maker


Paper submission to Tii
and export from EasyBib