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Genetic Disorder Research

Open NoodleTools to take notes and cite sources as you research.

In addition to the print sources, check out this helpful database:

Cavendish Square Digital  Username: mhslibrary Password: oakdale


Summarize in your own words!

Your Electronic Poster (5-6 slides) should include in your own words a discussion/explanation and images about:

  • A description of disorder
  • How disorder is inherited (recessive, dominant, x-linked, genetic mutation, chromosomal)
  • Symptoms of disorder
  • Brief explanation of treatments
  • Description of what it is like to live with this disorder : For this information you are required to read from multiple sources, at least 3.  You need to cite each of these and summarize using NoodleTools.

YOU MUST cite your sources including images in NoodleTools for full credit

Make sure you look at each source you find to determine if it is a credible source!

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